MCIS 2017 Missile Defense slides

One more installment. Two sets of slides on missile defense. A Russian language video recording of the entire panel is available, with some of the slides visible in conjunction with the presentation. First, the Russian view, presented by Lt General Viktor Poznikhir, the Vice Chief of the Main Operations Directorate. 20170426_17141320170426_17155420170426_17160220170426_17170520170426_17182920170426_17192120170426_17200420170426_17210020170426_17221120170426_17254420170426_17260120170426_17262920170426_17265320170426_17273920170426_17292320170426_17303520170426_173208

Second, the presentation by the Chinese representative, deputy head of the Chief Operations Directorate of the Joint Staff Department, Central Military Commission, Major General Cai Jun, which as near as I could tell was pretty much the entirety of his presentation translated into English. (Thanks to Rachel Douglas for providing the correct spelling and title for the general.)


5 thoughts on “MCIS 2017 Missile Defense slides

  1. Dear Dmitri,

    Цай Цзюнь should be Cai Jun in Pinying. Confirmed in these English-language articles:

    As for the title “замначальник оперативного управления Объединенного штаба Центрального военного совета”, there seems to be consensus in English-language sources (including Xinhua) about the second part – “Joint Staff Department, Central Military Commission,” but for «оперативное управление» all kinds of things are written, including “warfare bureau,” “combat operation bureau” and other versions. I would mimic one of the standard translations of the Russian equivalent (but not use “department,” to avoid repeating it), and write “Operations Directorate.”

    This page, by the way, has a useful reference table for getting Chinese syllables from Russian into Pinying –

    See the second table down. It’s titled «Перевод пиньиня в систему Палладия», but works well in the other direction, using searches.

    May I use your images of the Russian slides to illustrate an article on the MCIS, with attribution to your blog? It looks from the MoD website as if Poznikhir’s could be picked up by screen grabs from the posted videos, but not those of Gerasimov because their camera angle shows only him and a small corner of the screen. In the past, the MoD has posted the PowerPoint files, but I haven’t seen them this year.

    Yours, Rachel Douglas

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  3. Thanks for sharing. Were there any American officials in the audience? Would have been nice to see how they would’ve responded to these accusations.

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