MCIS 2017 Gerasimov slides

As I mentioned in my last post, I was once again at the Moscow Conference on International Security last week. I will post my overall impressions in the next few days, but first the traditional posting of the slides from key speakers. First up, Russian Chief of the General Staff Valeriy Gerasimov. The conference organizers have posted the Russian transcript of his speech as well as Russian and English language videos. Apologies for the poor quality of a few of the images.





4 thoughts on “MCIS 2017 Gerasimov slides

  1. Thanks for the slides. Do you think folks like Gerasimov are just being disingenuous or have they actually started to believe their own propaganda? If you have Gerasimov’s e-mail address, you might ask him to add the following Russian actions to his slides for a more balanced presentation:

    2007-Internet/hacking attack against Estonia
    2008-Armed provocation and subsequent annexation of Georgian territory.
    2010-Beginning of massive anti-American propaganda campaign in Russian media
    2014-present- Armed provocation/annexation of Crimea; military involvement in SE Ukraine
    2014-present-Aggressive military maneuvers against US/NATO
    2015-present-Aiding and abetting the slaughter of innocent civilians in Syria
    2015-16 Election manipulation in US
    2016-17 Election manipulation in Europe (Montenegro, France, Germany)

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