Russian Politics and Law, September 2010 Table of Contents

Volume 48 Number 5 / September-October 2010 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site at Contents after the cut.

This issue contains:

The Politics of History in the Former Soviet Union: Editor’s Introduction p.3
Dmitry Gorenburg
Estonia: The Political Struggle for a Place in History p.7
Alexander Astrov
The Holodomor and the Building of a Nation p.25
Georgii Kas’ianov
A Symbolic Past: The Struggle for Ancestors in Central Asia p.48
Victor Shnirelman
In Search of the History of Tajikistan: What Are Tajik and Uzbek Historians Arguing About? p.65
Slavomír Horák
Mustakillik and Remembrance of the Imperial Past: Passing Through the Halls of the Tashkent Museum in Memory of the Victims of Repression p.78
Sergei Abashin

Note: Part I of this double issue on historical politics deals with Russia. It has been published, but has not yet been posted on the ME Sharpe website. I will post a link here once it is available electronically.

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