Russian Politics and Law, September 2013 Table of Contents

Volume 51 Number 5 / September-October 2013 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site.

This issue contains:

Starting Post-Soviet Ukrainian Right-Wing Extremism Studies from Scratch: Guest Editor’s Introduction  p. 3
Andreas Umland
Ukrainian Integral Nationalism in Quest of a “Special Path” (1920s-1930s)  p. 11
Oleksandr Zaitsev
Ultraright Party Politics in Post-Soviet Ukraine and the Puzzle of the Electoral Marginalism of Ukrainian Ultranationalists in 1994-2009  p. 33
Andreas Umland, Anton Shekhovtsov
Right-Wing Extremism on the Rise in Ukraine  p. 59
Viacheslav Likhachev
Social-Nationalists in the Ukrainian Parliament: How They Got There and What We Can Expect of Them  p. 75
Viacheslav Likhachev
A Typical Variety of European Right-Wing Radicalism?  p. 86
Andreas Umland