Russian Politics and Law, November 2012 Table of Contents

Volume 50 Number 6 / November-December 2012 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site at

This issue contains:

Varieties of Russian Exceptionalism in Putin’s Russia: Guest Editor’s Introduction  p. 3
Andreas Umland
The Problem of the “Special Path” in Russian Foreign Policy: (From the 1990s to the Early Twenty-First Century)  p. 7
Aleksandr Kubyshkin, Aleksandr Sergunin
Russia’s New “Special Path” After the Orange Revolution: Radical Anti-Westernism and Paratotalitarian Neo-Authoritarianism in 2005-8  p. 19
Andreas Umland
Special Characteristics of the Post-Soviet Political Regime  p. 41
Emil Pain
The “Special Path” Ideology as an Instrument of Modernization  p. 69
Aleksandr Melikhov
Does the “Special Path” Ideology Contain the Potential for Modernization?: A Conversation  p. 72
Lev Gudkov, Boris Dubin, Emil Pain

Russian Politics and Law, March 2011 Table of Contents

Volume 49 Number 2 / March-April 2011 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site at Contents after the cut.

This issue contains:

The Nature of the Russian Political System: Editor’s Introduction p.3
Dmitry Gorenburg
The Nature of “Putinism” p.7
Lev Gudkov
The Political Mechanics of the Russian Regime: Substitutes Versus Institutions p.34
Nikolai Petrov
Distinctive Features of Interparty Struggle in the Russian Regions: Conflict Among Influence Groups and Simulation of a Party System p.70
Alexander Kynev

The Nature of the Russian Political System: Editor’s Introduction

As we get closer to the 2012 Russian presidential elections and the prospect of the potential return of President Putin, Russian scholars have increasingly focused on thinking about the nature of Russia’s political system and speculating on how it might develop in the future. In the next two issues, we explore these questions. The articles in this issue of Russian Politics and Law investigate the main characteristics of the “Putinist” political system as it developed in Russia over the last decade. The next issue will feature articles that examine potential future trajectories of this system.

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