Russia in the Arctic: Editor’s Introduction

The current issue of Russian Politics and Law examines the Arctic, a region very much at the forefront of Russian security and economic interests for the coming decades. Russian strategic thinkers have long considered the frozen Arctic to be a secure bastion where they could base strategic nuclear submarines without significant additional protection. The combination of permanent and intermittent ice cover made the maritime territory largely impassable and economically uninteresting for other states. But in recent years the retreat of the polar ice has made the region increasingly accessible, while new technologies have led to the discovery of significant natural resources in the seabed. This combination has fueled competition for maritime territory and reinvigorated long-standing boundary disputes among the Arctic states. Russia’s control of the largest chunk of Arctic territory puts it in the forefront of discussions of the Arctic security environment. The five articles in this issue provide a sample of the dominant Russian discourses on Arctic security and governance.

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Russian Politics and Law, March 2012 Table of Contents

Volume 50 Number 2 / March-April 2012 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site.

This issue contains:

Russia in the Arctic: Editor’s Introduction  p. 3
Dmitry Gorenburg
Russia and the Competition for the Redivision of Polar Spaces  p. 7
Aleksei Fenenko
The Arctic at the Crossroads of Geopolitical Interests  p. 34
Valery Konyshev, Aleksandr Sergunin
The Arctic Horizons of Russia’s Strategy: Current Trends  p. 55
Konstantin Voronov
Opening Up the Arctic: Economic and Geopolitical Aspects  p. 78
S. Kovalev, L. Gainutdinova
Making Provision for Russia’s National Security in the Arctic’s Maritime Border Zone  p. 88
N. N. Kudinov