Russian Politics and Law, July 2013 Table of Contents

Volume 51 Number 4 / July-August 2013 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site.

This issue contains:

Corruption in Russia: Editor’s Introduction  p. 3
Dmitry Gorenburg
Bribery as a Norm for Citizens Settling Problems in Government and Budget-Funded Organizations  p. 8
Vladimir Rimskii
The Geography of Bribery  p. 25
Public Opinion Foundation
The Regional Barons  p. 30
Leonid Bliakher
Bribery and the Judiciary  p. 40
Vladimir Rimskii
Russian Police Involvement in the Shadow Economy  p. 48
Anastasia Dubova, Leonid Kosal’s
The Border Zone  p. 59
Sergei Golunov
Hostages of Distrust  p. 71
Aleksandr Auzan, Tat’iana Malkina
The Strategy of the New Principal  p. 85
Nikolai Rozov

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