Problems of Post-Communism, July 2013 Table of Contents

Volume 60 Number 4 / July-August 2013 of Problems of Post-Communism is now available on the web site.

Research in Communist Countries: A Set of Personal Accounts by American Social Scientists: Guest Editor’s Introduction pp. 3 – 5
Marilyn Rueschemeyer
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600400
While the Train Was Stopped: Leningrad, 1977 pp. 6 – 11
Thomas F. Remington
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600401
Adventures in Socialism: Research and Life in Yugoslavia and Hungary pp. 12 – 21
Ellen Comisso
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600402
Doing Political Science Research in Husák’s Czechoslovakia pp. 22 – 27
Sharon L. Wolchik
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600403
Engaged Ethnography Under Communist Rule: Sociology, Solidarity, and Poland pp. 28 – 34
Michael D. Kennedy
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600404
An Anthropologist in Communist Romania, 1973-1988 pp. 35 – 42
Katherine Verdery
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600405
Sociological Explorations in the German Democratic Republic, 1975-1989 pp. 43 – 49
Marilyn Rueschemeyer
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600406
A Career in Soviet Studies: Passion, Focus, and Methods pp. 50 – 58
George W. Breslauer
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600407
Ellen Turkish Comisso, 1947-2013: Our Thanks, Ellen pp. 59 – 60
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600408

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