Problems of Post-Communism, May 2013 Table of Contents

Volume 60 Number 3 / May-June 2013 of Problems of Post-Communism is now available on the web site.

Sovereign Democracy, Populism, and Depoliticization in Russia: Power and Discourse During Putin’s First Presidency pp. 3 – 15
Philipp Casula
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600301
Cartographic Exhibitionism?: Visualizing the Territory of Armenia and Karabakh pp. 16 – 35
Laurence Broers and Gerard Toal
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600302
Between God and Caesar: The Religious, Social, and Political Values of Chinese Christians pp. 36 – 48
Yang Zhong
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600303
Czech and Slovak Defense Policies Since 1999: The Impact of Europeanization pp. 49 – 62
Zdeněk Kříž and Martin Chovančík
DOI: 10.2753/PPC1075-8216600304

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