Kuril Islands report published

My report on the Southern Kuril Islands has finally been published as part of CNA’s Long Littoral Project. It’s the last of five reports exploring security issues in the Indo-Pacific Basin, all of which are now available online. Here’s a description of the entire project from the CNA website:

CNA is concluding a yearlong study which explores the greater Asian littoral that runs from the Sea of Japan in the east to the Arabian Sea in the west. The Long Littoral Project examines the five great maritime basins of the Indo-Pacific—the Sea of Japan, the East China and Yellow seas, the South China Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea—in order to provide a different perspective, namely a maritime viewpoint, on the security issues that the United States must confront as it “rebalances” to a stronger maritime orientation focused on the Indo-Pacific littoral. The project also aims to identify issues that may be common to more than one basin, but involve different players in different regions, with the idea that solutions possible in one maritime basin may be applicable in others. Under the direction of CNA Senior Fellow RADM (ret.) Michael A. McDevitt, the Long Littoral project was made possible through a grant from the Smith Richardson Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Kuril Islands report published

  1. Why do you alternate Japanese and Russian spellings of the islands?

    Also, I loved your remarks on the Japanese view re.: San-Francisco Treaty. The Japanese position is that Kuril Islands are not Kuril Islands. Very zen. Or maybe jedi.

    • The names that are used have political impIications. I did not want to be seen as taking one side or the other.

  2. Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: NONE

    The army in its infinite wisdom blocked this could you send it directly

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