Problems of Post-Communism, January 2013 Table of Contents

Volume 60 Number 1 / January-February 2013 of Problems of Post-Communism is now available on the web site at

This issue contains:

Populism and the Construction of Political Charisma: Post-Transition Politics in Bulgaria  p. 3
Boris Gurov, Emilia Zankina
How Stable Is the New Kim Jong-un Regime?: A Revolution in North Korea?  p. 18
Mun Suk Ahn
When External Leverage Fails: The Case of Yulia Tymoshenko’s Trial  p. 29
Serhiy Kudelia
The European Union in Kosovo: Reflecting on the Credibility and Efficiency Deficit  p. 43
Nikolaos Tzifakis
Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector in Serbia: Perceived Effects  p. 55
Vanja Rokvić, Željko Ivaniš

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