Problems of Post-Communism, July 2012 Table of Contents

Volume 59 Number 4 / July-August 2012 of Problems of Post-Communism is now available on web site at

This issue contains:

Economic Trends as an Identity Marker?: The Pamiri Trade Niche with China and Afghanistan  p. 3
Sébastien Peyrouse
The Continuing Reorganization of Russia’s Environmental Bureaucracy: Regional Interpretation and the Response of Key Actors  p. 15
Jo Crotty, Peter Rodgers
Kim Jong-il’s Death and His Son’s Strategy for Seizing Power in North Korea  p. 27
Mun Suk Ahn
Reducing Inflation in Ex-Communist Economies: Independent Central Banks Versus Financial Sector Development  p. 38
Jane Bogoev, Goran Petrevski, Bruno S. Sergi
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Impact on Central Asian Security: A View from Kazakhstan  p. 56
Roger N. McDermott

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