Problems of Post-Communism, November 2011 Table of Contents

Volume 58 Number 6 / November-December 2011 of Problems of Post-Communism is now available on the web site at

This issue contains:

The Media Market and Media Ownership in Post-Communist Ukraine: Impact on Media Independence and Pluralism  p. 3
Natalya Ryabinska
Business as Usual?: Gazprom’s Pricing Policy Toward the Commonwealth of Independent States  p. 21
Karel Svoboda
Developing a Parliamentary Seniority System: A Case Study of Slovenia  p. 36
Uroš Pinterič
Social and Political Transnationalism Among Central Asian Migrants and Return Migrants: A Case Study of Kyrgyzstan  p. 48
Vanessa Ruget, Burul Usmanalieva

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