Ground force missile procurement plans

I’m working on part two of air force procurement plans, but just came across a brief article in NVO on plans for conventional missile system procurement for the ground forces. This is from a statement by General Dmitry Bulgakov, deputy minister of defense. As with all official statements about procurement plans, these should be read as intentions, rather than any kind of statement of what will actually happen, especially in regard to delivery timelines.

  • 9K720  Iskander ballistic missile systems: 6 systems received in 2010. Plans to purchase a total of 120 by 2020.
  • 9M133 Kornet anti-tank missiles: 18 missile systems purchased in 2010. Plans to purchase 180 missile systems by 2020.
  • S-300 medium range missiles: 120 to be purchased by 2020 (not clear if these are to be S-300VM for the ground forces or S-300PMU for the air defense forces).
  • 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers: 36 purchased in 2010. Total of 574 to be purchased by 2020.

Again, given the history of procurement delays, I would treat these numbers as aspirational, rather than realistic.


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