A quick summary of Russian military pay increases

This is mostly for ease of reference. Starting in January 2012, base pay rates in the Russian military will be as follows:

  • Contract soldiers: 25,000 rubles per month
  • Platoon commanders (Lt.): 30,000 (without bonuses)
  • Regiment commander (Lt. Col.-Col.): 40-42,000 (without bonuses)
  • Brigade commander (Col.-Maj. Gen.): 42-44,000 (without bonsuses)
  • Army commander (Lt. Gen.): 54,000 (without bonuses)
  • First deputy defense minister (Army Gen.): 67,000 (without bonuses)

If you include bonuses, this translates to:

  • Lieutenant: 50,000
  • Colonel: 60,000
  • Major General: 73,000
  • Lieutenant General: 90,000
  • Army General: 112,000

Information taken from VPK, which does not discuss the pay rates of sergeants or mid-level officers (captains, majors).