Russian Politics and Law, January 2011 Table of Contents

Volume 49 Number 1 / January-February 2011 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site at Contents after the cut.

This issue contains:

The Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Politics: Editors’ Introduction p.3
Irina Papkova, Dmitry Gorenburg
The Russian Orthodox Church: Competing Choices p.8
Aleksei Makarkin
Socio-Religious Life in Russia in the Fall of 2009 p.24
Sergei Filatov
Religion in the System of State Power p.46
A. E. Sebentsov
Address at the Grand Opening of the Third Assembly of the Russian World p.57
Patriarch Kirill
Geopolitics from the Patriarch: The Heavenly Kingdom Versus the “Russian World” p.65
Gennadii Druzenko
Address at the Opening of the Eighteenth International Christmas Readings p.74
Patriarch Kirill
Orthodox Bolshevism p.83
Mikhail Sitnikov
They Did Not Take It on Faith p.91
Irina Ivoilova, Sergei Kuksin

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