Russian Politics and Law, November 2010 Table of Contents

Volume 48 Number 6 / November-December 2010 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the web site at Contents after the cut.

This issue contains:

Russia in the Western World: Russian Interactions with Europe: Editor’s Introduction p.3
Dmitry Gorenburg
Russians’ Views on Foreign Policy After the Caucasus Crisis p.7
Andrei Andreev
The Anti-Russian Discourse of the European Union: Causes and Main Targets p.19
Pavel Tsygankov and Filipp Fominykh
Perceptions of Russia in the European North: Signs of the Times p.35
Konstantin Voronov
An Answer to the “Polish Question” p.51
Iurii Solozobov
Alienation as a Resource in Ukraine’s Relations with Russia p.64
Aleksandr Slin’ko
The Power of Mutual Repulsion: Russia and Ukraine—Two Versions of One Transformation p.70
Vladimir Pastukhov

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