Russian Politics and Law, July 2010 Table of Contents

Volume 48 Number 4 / July-August 2010 of Russian Politics and Law is now available on the ME Sharpe web site at Contents after the cut.

This issue contains:

The Politics of Russian History: Editor’s Introduction p.3
Dmitry Gorenburg
Russia: Power and History p.8
Alexei Miller
Overcoming the Totalitarian Past: Foreign Experience and Russian Problems p.35
Galina Mikhaleva
The Stalin Myth p.46
Boris Dubin
For Whom Did the Tsar Bell Toll? p.54
Pavel Polian
History, Historians, and State Power: Speech Delivered at an International Round Table, Moscow, 2 February 2010 p.70
Valery A. Tishkov
Overcoming Stalinism and Bolshevism as a Condition for Modernizing Russia in the Twenty-First Century: Resolution no. 8, Adopted on 28 February 2009 p.80
Political Committee of the Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko
The Commission to Counteract Attempts to Harm Russia’s Interests by Falsifying History p.89
President of Russia
Directive to the Heads of Russian Academy of Sciences Institutes p.93
Valery A. Tishkov

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