Russian Politics and Law, January 2010 Table of Contents

Vol. 48 No. 01/January-February 2010

Dmitry Gorenburg: “Center-Periphery Relations After Ten Years of Centralization: Editor’s Introduction” p. 3

Aleksandr Libman: “Cycles of Decentralization in the Post-Soviet Space” p. 8

Alla E. Chirikova: “Regional Elites in Contemporary Russia: Conceptual Discussions and Political Practice” p. 21

Alla E. Chirikova: “The Power Vertical in the Assessments of Regional Elites: the Dynamics of Change” p. 40

Rostislav Turovskii: “How Russian Governors Are Appointed: Inertia and Radicalism in Central Policy” p. 58

L.E. Bliakher and L.A. Vasil’eva: “The Russian Far East in a State of Suspension: Between the ‘Global Economy’ and ‘State Tutelage'” p. 80


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