Russian Politics and Law, November 2009 Table of Contents

In addition to my work on Russian military and security issues, I am the editor of the translation journal “Russian Politics and Law.” Starting with the most recent issue, out today, I will post the tables of contents and introductions of each new issue, together with (gated) links to the articles.

Volume 47 Number 6 / November-December 2009 of Russian Politics and Law.

This issue contains:

Dmitry Gorenburg: “Russia’s Political Future: Scenarios and Projections: Editor’s Introduction” p. 3

Andrei Melville, Ivan Timofeev: “Russia 2020: Alternative Scenarios and Public Preferences” p. 7

Irina Busygina: “Breadth and Prospects: Regionally Specific Factors in the Realization of Development Scenarios” p. 34

Nikolai Petrov: “Warm Spell or Spring Thaw?: Imagined and Real Changes in the Russian Political System” p. 40

S. P. Peregudov: “The Russian Political System After the Elections of 2007-2008: Stabilizing and Destabilizing Factors” p. 47

Author Index to Russian Politics and Law: Volume 47 (January-December 2009) p. 88


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